If an excellent credit score, or even a good score has slipped away due to uncontrollable events, Driver Credit could match you with the perfect auto loan to help improve your financial standing. We could help you if your credit is excellent, good, fair or poor, our lending options make driving a new or used car an option again.

Simply apply on-line through our secure application for a bad credit auto financing specialist to submit your loan application over the phone. You'll receive an email once you've applied with next steps to prepare before speaking directly with a lender or dealership. It's fast and simple to get started into your new or used car. Use our Auto Loan Calculator to calculate your estimated payments today. Your bad credit auto finance is just a click of a button away. If you'd like to find bad credit car loan dealerships search our bad credit car loans by state.


Knowing what you can afford is the first step to buying a car. Let us help you calculate your current expenses to find a payment that fits your budget.


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