A college student requires books to get them through college. A student car loan is another necessity that most college students have difficulties landing. Most lenders are not taking auto loan applications for college students since they generally do not have a substantial income and a lack of credit.

Driver Credit is here to help college students get a college car that they need. We offer low interest rates and help those with less than perfect credit – even no credit, get the car of their dreams.

As a college student you have several ways to get undergrad car financing. The first is to find lenders that can cover your high risk. Driver Credit has relationships with several lenders to save you time, money and limiting the amount of credit pulls on your credit report. Secondly, answer all the questions honestly and accurately. Most lenders will not even think of working with you after they review your auto loan application and find out that you are lying. Honesty is really the only path when working with a lender on a student car loan.

To help the lender in approving your application you should purchase a car that is affordable with your limited income. You don’t need to have a huge car payment, all you need is a car that car really get you from point A to point B. Also consider the additional expenses that come along with owning a new car, truck or SUV while attending a university or college:

Car Loan Payment
Car Insurance
Car Warranty
Car Maintenance (oil changes, tune-ups, etc.)

Use our car loan calculator to help in finding the right amount that you can afford on your new car. We also recommend getting a credit report so that you are prepared when working with the lender.


Knowing what you can afford is the first step to buying a car. Let us help you calculate your current expenses to find a payment that fits your budget.


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