If you are looking to start driving a new or used car, truck, SUV or hybrid then Driver Credit can match you with a lender or dealer group that has financing options to help a chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy filer get a new or used vehicle. We want to make getting your replacement car financing fast and easy. You can apply today and have a check delivered to your mail within a week if you qualify.

While bankruptcy can be a very difficult thing to do you are not alone. Just last year over 2 million people filed for personal bankruptcy. There is no harm is hearing how you can regain control of your finances! Also, there is no fee for a consultation and you are not obligated to use the services being offered to you.


100% Financing
The rates offered are competitive for those with bankruptcies - It will be a little more than if you didn't have a bankruptcy but what matters is that you can finance what you've been missing!
We work with you - We want to match you with the best loan to help you through this time.
Rebuild your Credit - All credit agencies will review your loan status and if positive, increase your credit score!

Replacement Auto Loan Qualifications:

Filed Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
Make at least 1,800 gross monthly income (before taxes)


Knowing what you can afford is the first step to buying a car. Let us help you calculate your current expenses to find a payment that fits your budget.


Finance What You've been Missing

We help those with less than perfect credit and good credit get the perfect auto loan for their situation


Find what your budget is for a vehicle.

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Complete a quick car finance application.

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