If you have poor credit and are looking to gain financing for a poor credit auto loan then Driver Credit is the right choice for you. Our guarantee offers you the chance to change those previous flaws in your credit and to finance what you’ve been missing.

We work with multiple lenders and dealers that can fund an car loan for you. Even though you might have tarnished credit with other borrowers, defaults, repossessions, judgments or bankruptcies, you will get a phone call from a lender. Being refused is a small percentage and that small percentage is only due to the issues with coverage. But with 99% coverage you can feel secured that your auto loan application will be reviewed by a lender that can finance a poor credit auto loan.

Depending on the extent of your credit issues you may not receive an interest rate that is going to help you. In cases that you want an automobile that is $20,000 and your APR ends up being 25%, then you will being paying a huge fee on your interest rate. We have an auto loan calculator that can help you to understand the costs of buying the new car you want depending on the interest rate you are given. We want to make sure that you can keep the new car that you are looking to buy.

Driver Credit specialty is working with customers that have poor credit. Our experts in getting bad credit auto loans funded is due to our helpful tools and customer support. We have the relationships with all the lenders making the entire process safe and secure from your home, work or anywhere that you can get an internet connection.

Once you apply for a poor credit auto loan your application will be reviewed by one of our representatives and you will receive a phone call to discuss the details of your application.


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