If you are an active duty service man or woman then you can apply for a military auto loan through Driver Credit. Your next new car, truck or SUV is waiting for you to complete the online auto loan application. We are flexible to allow those serving our country the chance to drive the car of their dreams.

The lenders that we work with will accept all military auto loans that are submitted through Driver Credit. They will require your military id as proof of service, check your credit score, permanent address, social security number and demand that you also provide an email of the personal that will be handling your expenses if you are overseas. We aim, as you do, to provide the best service that allows you to live your life as you see fit. Remember that if you are serving in the United States military then you can count on Driver Credit to work for you in being your auto loan solution.

Getting a military auto loan through a standard automotive loan program has its issues. Whereas a military car loan program will generally have financial agreements that do not require a minimum residency requirement or a minimum employment. In most civilian auto loan programs you must show at least one year of residency and two years of employment. Individuals or families in the military can now purchase an automobile when in other cases you have not been able to due to serving in the military.

Driver Credit works with multiple lenders that can service military auto loans; Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines. There are currently many other services and lenders that offer the opportunity for military personal to get an auto loan, Driver Credit offers the chance for your one application to be looked at by several of those lenders from one auto loan application.


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